PC Advisor Website Rebrand Freelance Illustrations


International Data Group (IDG)

Examples of Front covers, CD covers, Page layouts and illustrative designs for Macworld and PC Advisor publications
(online and print)

Mac World

PC Advisor: Business Advisor Web Banner

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 17.27.40

PC Advisor: Cover CD and Visual Designs


PC Advisor Shopping Page Icon Designs

Business advisor shopping

Photo Edit Image: Moon Photography

This image is a modified version of a photograph I took of the moon.


Final Year Degree show 2013 (Winchester School of Art June 17th – 23rd)

This was a self-initiated brief set on creating a book based on Zodiac star signs. My aim was to create a book which would appeal to later teens to adult (As this would be the main target market to buy this type of subject matter). The content of the book is written to appeal to both to new comers and those who were already informed on this topic.


Front Cover


Examples of Page layout:

Chapter Pages

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Although there are a lot of astrological books out there, I wanted to create one that explored the subject from a different angle. After extensive research into the topic I found that the main way of determining how the relationship between star signs work is determined by their ‘elemental sign’.

 The 12 Zodiac signs are split into four elemental signs Water, Fire, Air and Earth. These signs influence a zodiacs personality, motivations and compatibility with other signs. Although this subject is briefly explained in existing astrology books, I felt they tended to brush over this topic. To create these visuals I used a combination of photography and digital manipulation.





Winchester School of Art Degree Show display



Poster designs

a2-elemental-poster jakewilliamsgraphics a2-consterlation-poster copy

Mosaic Illustration

This design incorporates aspects of Winchester (the city I were I lived and studied) and of the university I attended (Winchester School of Art). This illustration combines well known mosaics from the area with art equipment and the Winchester school of Art initials.

wsa jake williams graphics


Edition 2012 exhibition Print ( displayed 7th March – 14th March 2013)



Commissioned brand identity for Daisy Potter Vintage Clothes shop

daisy-potter jake williams graphics


BBC Soundbites booklet of phrases from two different dialects from the UK


Water Awareness Fact Cards

The aim of this project was to raise awareness of water consumption. My concept was to create fact cards that could be sent in water bills to highlight the main issues of water usage around the home. The target market was families as these cards could be collectable for children as well as highlight easy ways to save on water bills for adults. I adapted a Monopoly playing card style as this is something that would be familiar and easy to associate the visuals with the topics:

Red cards: ways you waste water

Blue cards: how you can save water

Property cards: general facts on water usage


Watering hose.indd teeth.indd

Educational Children’s book design layout

This project was a self-initiated brief based around creating an educational children’s book.

dino jake williams graphics

feet-and-claws jake williams graphics

Genius Loci Exhibition 2012 – Winchester School of Art

This print was taken from the Crypt at Winchester Cathedral and is a photograph of a statue made by Antony Gormley. The aim of the exhibition was to document a place and highlight the spirit of that area. I tried to highlight the spiritual atmosphere of this place using photography and used digital manipulation for the glowing hands and halo.

Print used for exhibition

p1 Jake williams graphics

A design for Penguin books 2012 book cover competition

cukoo jakewilliamsgraphics



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